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PRODUCER SERIES (Budgeting Track): Scheduling a Script 202 (2 of 3)

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PRODUCER SERIES (Budgeting Track): Scheduling a Script 202 (2 of 3)

DATE: 9/29/18
TIME: 2:00pm - 6:00pm
LOCATION: Discover DeKalb Convention & Visitors Bureau
Scheduling a Script 202 - $150 NON-MEMBERS / $120 GPP - ATLFS MEMBERS / $100 DEKALB COUNTY RESIDENTS

This fall, we're offering two different series of three classes each for producers, independent filmmakers, and content creators - The Producing Track and The Budgeting Track. 


Interested in understanding the job of a Producer? Looking to raise funds for a project or manage yours effectively and efficiently? Producing, production managing, or working as a 1st AD on an indie short, feature, or series? 

These two series of workshops will cover the basics - what does a producer do, crew positions, definitions, responsibilities, and hierarchy, what is development, what it entails, and why it’s the most important part of the process, how to breakdown, schedule, and budget your movie, what should be included in a business proposal and why. We’ll discuss the basics from concept to completion to give you a leg up on your next project. If you don’t have a current project to workshop in the Budgeting Track, one will be provided. 

It is highly recommended that you take all three classes in each series, and taking both series will greatly expand your knowledge of the business of production. Each class lays the foundation for the next. 

For example, you can’t schedule your movie without a breakdown and you can’t budget your movie without a schedule. And if you don’t understand the role of a producer and the development process, it’s highly unlikely that you will craft a business proposal with the elements needed to raise the funds for your project or ultimately get distribution that is favorable to investor ROI. 


Once your film has been properly broken down, you can create a rough schedule to help determine how long your film will take to shoot, how long you’ll need to book actors and crew, rent equipment, materials, and services, how many locations you’ll need to find, etc. Attendees from the Breaking Down a Script class will take their breakdowns and learn to schedule efficiently, as well as effectively. There are many ways to schedule a project, and they all depend on a number of variables. You’ll learn what to look for and how to create a solid schedule from which to budget.

Once again, no computer software is necessary. You bring your breakdown from the previous class, a straight edge ruler, sharpened pencils, an eraser, scissors or a box cutter, and a sheet of white poster board. That is all you’ll need to successfully translate your breakdown into a schedule for your film. Doing this by hand is no more labor intensive than learning to use and input the same information into MovieMagic or Gorilla software. It’s all the same process and the foundation you’ll need for using any software program. Those with laptops and software programs are welcome to bring them. You can work on your own script or one will be provided.


The new DeKalb County Digital Entertainment Commission is partially sponsoring 15 RESIDENTS (at non-member pricing) for both The Producing Track  (Additional $125 discount off all 3 classes) and The Budgeting Track (Additional $150 discount off all three classes). These slots are first come, first served and you must provide proof of residency. 

To qualify, send a copy of your Driver's License showing your DeKalb County residency (OR current mortgage statement OR current rental contract) AND a current utility OR phone bill showing that address and your name to:, and once verified, a code will be provided to you to receive the reduced rate.

Check out Linda Burn's Instructor Bio here!

Scheduling a Script 202 - $150 NON-MEMBERS / $120 GPP - ATLFS MEMBERS