Linda Burns

Atlanta Film Society Instructor

I read scripts, provide coverage and develop projects. I breakdown, budget, schedule, pitch, propose, close, negotiate, spend, reconcile, research, network, strategize, market, collaborate, consult, wheel, deal and deliver. I face challenges, solve puzzles and plan ahead. From script to screen, digital to film, union to non-union, large to small, I do it all! Always on time. Always on budget.

I’ve worked with butterflies, penguins, dogs, maggots, horses, cats, flies, a taxidermy molded shark, babies, kids, entourages, difficult clients, movie stars, musicians, politicians, pro-athletes, strippers, crack addicts, prostitutes, thieves and murderers. I’ve shot, stabbed and set people on fire, decapitated heads, drilled holes in arms and smashed in skulls. I’ve shut down busy roads and highways to create an accident on I-85, raced a NASCAR car down Peachtree Street, faked a hurricane evacuation in Miami. I’ve shot 100 spots in 15 days with only an Arriflex and a Milo MoCo, and taught Himalayan monks and grade-school kids how to make movies. I do film and I love it. —Linda Burns

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