Become a Member of the Atlanta Film Society


Year-round benefits, exclusive perks and complete film festival access

With one purchase, you get both. Year-round benefits and access to our annual 10-day film festival.
What that access includes will depend on what level you purchase at, but every level supports the Atlanta film community.
In exchange for that generous support, we'll provide you with:

  • ATLFS Membership Card
  • Studio-Partnered Advance Screenings
  • #PerkoftheWeek Redemption
  • Discounted ATLFF Submission Fees
  • Fractured Atlas Membership (1-Year)
  • Access to Backstage Casting
  • Discounted ATLFS Merchandise
  • Invite to ATLFS Holiday Party
  • Discounted A/V Rentals
  • Discounted Screenplay Analysis
  • Discounted ATLFS Workshops
  • Community Discounts

Recent Membership Perks Include:

All of this in addition to your festival benefits! 
Choose the level and benefits that best suit what you want out of your festival experience:

MOVIEHOPPER membership ($50)

includes ATLFF MovieHopper card

FILMLOVER membership ($150)

includes ATLFF Film badge

FILMMAKER membership ($250)

includes ATLFF Film & Conference badge

ALL ACCESS membership ($350)

includes ATLFF All Access badge

PRODUCER membership ($750)

includes ATLFF Producer badge


How can I support the Atlanta Film Society?

B E C O M E   A   F A N
FREE. See what just your email address can get you.

B E C O M E   A   M E M B E R
$50 to $750. Choose your festival access and benefit from year-round screenings, networking and more.

B E C O M E   A   P A T R O N
$1,000 to $10,000. Be a hero of the Atlanta arts community, and we'll treat you like one.