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New Mavericks Film Series

Atlanta Film Society presents the 2nd annual New Mavericks Film Series, hosted this year at the historic Plaza Atlanta Theatre. Saturday, November 19th between 1:30PM and 9PM, an open mic panel, happy hour mixer, and Super Moon Soirée closing reception will punctuate two shorts blocks: Herstory of the Female Filmmaker and Belle Raisers: Southeastern Shorts

Tickets to the screenings and panel are pay-what-you-can by suggested donation. The reception is free + open to the public with RSVP. Come celebrate, support and meet with women who champion each other on both sides of the lens.

1:30 PM | Herstory of the Female Filmmaker @ Plaza Theatre
3:00 PM | Voices of Change Open Mic Panel @ Highland Ballroom Lounge
4:00 PM | Happy Hour Mixer @ Highland Ballroom Lounge
5:30 PM | Belle Raisers: Southeastern Shorts @ Plaza Theatre
7:00 PM | Supermoon Soirée @ Gallery L1



// Herstory of the Female Filmmaker
features short films produced by some of the earliest (female) cinema pioneers overlooked by film history textbooks. This collection, this year including Madeline Anderson—the first American-born black woman in a film industry union to make a half-hour documentary film—the late film icon Chantal Akerman, and animation crusader Lotte Reiniger, is lovingly curated by Christina Humphrey.

The Grasshopper and the Ant — Lotte Reiniger

Caliph Stork — Lotte Reiniger

Sloth (La Paresse) — Chantal Akerman

I Am Somebody — Madeline Anderson

// Open Mic Panel: Voices of Change
In this climate of political change, we want to hear from the women in our community most affected by these major shifts. How can we cultivate empathy and find actionable ways to support one another? This open mic opportunity will provide a safe space for critical dialogue in our world as creatives.

Request to participate here:



// Belle Raisers: Southeastern Shorts
features female-lensed short films raised in the South. The collection spans four states and five genres.

80s Dating Video Remix — Nicole Kemper + Hillary R. Heath

EggsChange — Hee Won Ahn

The Price of Freedom — Jessica Rigsby

Right Where I Left You — Haley Wetherington

Staring at the Ceiling — Carla Forte

Microspectrum — Kate Balsley

Lights in the Attic — Cynthia Osaseri

No Choice — Danielle Calle

Black & White In Color — Julianna Thomas

Table Manners — The House of June

Que Sera — Robyn Hicks

Roast — April Moore