Y'allywood Film Festival is Back for its 5th Installation!

Y'ALLYWOOD FILM FESTIVAL is a gathering of filmmakers and filmlovers from all over the Southeast, getting together to watch some movies, talk about movies, and hopefully have a great time.


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Y’ALLYWOOD FILM FESTIVAL presents an evening of southeastern documentaries, with support from the ATLANTA FILM SOCIETY and the historic PLAZA THEATRE. Q&A's to follow screening (subject to availability):

Edna Lu: Free Tea Bus - (D. Lev Omelchenko) Guisepi Spadafora has been traveling the United States for over a decade in Edna Lu, his free tea bus. He offers free tea and a seat on his bus everywhere he goes.
Graham and Zeke - (D. Cheryl Monique) A transgender couple from Tennessee share their insights surrounding love, gender, and pet snakes.
The Home for Wayward Babydolls - (D. Andrew Reed) A Vietnam Veteran turns his house into a home for lost and abandoned baby dolls as he copes with late-onset PTSD in this southern documentary.
The Maestro - (D. Ned Phillips) As Rob Kellum faces a menacing opponent across the ring, his only concern is how to tell the best story.
Skip Day - (D.Ivete Lucas & Patrick Bresnan) For seniors in Pahokee, a small, mainly African-American industrial town on Florida's Lake Okeechoboee, the Monday after prom is 'Skip Day.' Dozens of the students, miss their lessons, driving 60 miles to hang out and ponder their futures on the windy dunes of the Atlantic shoreline. The film intimately observes the shared joys of communal activity and extravagant display which bind these boisterous teenagers in their rites of passage towards an uncertain adulthood.


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Y’ALLYWOOD FILM FESTIVAL presents an evening of southeastern narrative shorts, with support from the ATLANTA FILM SOCIETY and the historic PLAZA THEATRE. Q&A's to follow screening (subject to availability):

Dojo Jeff - (D. Nicholas Livanos) On the night his dojo closes forever, a failing karate teacher gets one last chance to play the hero.
Glensarah Glen Sauce - (D. Tommy Bell) Do you know what it takes to sell Dorito-print leggings? Three ladies working for a famous multi-level marketing company find out in this rousing all-female parody of Glengarry Glen Ross.
Give Em' Helvetica - (D. Thomas Wohlford) A documentary about graphic designer Eric Hutner, who suffers from a condition known as "Type Blindness."
The Prom Dress - (D. Brooklyn Alexander) Teen athlete and self-proclaimed tomboy, Tori (Sophia Meyer), gets a chance at her dream date: a night at the prom with local high school "hottie," Tanner (Zac Walthall). But, when she must pick out a dress for the prom, she realizes that the transition from who she is to what she thinks Tanner wants is not at all what she thought it would be.
Akira's Mom - (D. Yifei Dai) Akira's Mom has to make a choice between her boyfriend and her daughter, Akira.
Daddy's Girl - (D. Jasmine Jewet) A father and daughter struggle to let go of past pain after reuniting for the first time in years.
Cracks - (D. Molly Coffee) The Girl is a whiskey drinking punk-rock welder who works hard and plays hard. While having a good time with a guy she just met, The Girl is followed into the bathroom and the asshole’s intentions are clear, sudden and violent. Though that battle is quickly over, the incident has lasting ripples for The Girl as she struggles with how she deals with the Incident and what that means for who she thinks she is.
Brothers Lost - (D. Timothy Barrera) Broken and surrounded by reminders of his fallen brothers, veteran Jimmy Morton sits alone with a revolver and a glass of whiskey in each hand. As his final moments approach, an opportunity presents itself.
The Butcher - (D. Kyle Taubken) A newly sober father of two struggles to reconnect with his children sometime after the death of his wife. When personal and professional struggles threaten his sobriety, The Butcher is forced to make a choice between relapse or his continued attempts to reconcile his family.
Get The Van Running - (D. Christopher Flippo)


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Join us for a celebration of the Florida born Independent classic MIAMI CONNECTION paired with one of the wildest shorts we have the pleasure of screening; BFF Girls! The event will feature a live performance of the classic tunes of DRAGON SOUND (as performed by Marcus). The screening will be followed by a special Q&A with BFF Girls Director Brian Lonano & John F Escobar credited as Miami Drug Dealer in the unforgettable opening scene! 

BFF Girls - (D. Brian Lonano) Three dorky American girls magically transform into beautiful Japanese Superheroes and fight a tampon monster as they begin their journey into womanhood.
Miami Connection (D. Y K Kim & Park Woo Sang) Multi-national martial arts rock band Dragon Sound embark on a wreck-wave of crime-crushing justice, clamping down on Florida's narcotic trade.

Cult films are a wild bunch! That said, this screening is for MATURE audiences.