Getting to Know Staff: Chris Escobar


It’s a quick google to find out a handful of fun facts about the revered Chris Escobar. GSU grad, named one of the ‘Atlanta Business Journal’s 2017 40 Under 40, and the illustrious Atlanta Film Society Executive Director. Those few accolades are the least of his daily concerns (trust us, we’ve seen his calendar). His dedication to the Film Society organization, and his recently acquired Plaza Theatre, are immeasurable. His time and dedicated relationships with various ATLFS staff have garnered him many additional titles including, but not limited to: Escoboss, Dad, and Chriscobar.

From late nights at the office (only to then head over to the theatre at 11 pm) to shaking hands and proverbially kissing babies, this man is as professional as professional gets. And he still made time for an exclusive interview (via Google form).

Escobar began his journey with Atlanta Film Society in 2007 as a member, and then fully committing as a volunteer on the Board of Directors in 2010. It’s easy to believe his favorite part of being on staff is “The experiences we’re able to create that brings the community together and the difference we’re able to make in the lives and careers of the artists whose work we get to share,” as his recent acquiring of the Plaza Theatre and extended interests continue to expand his reach to support the independent film community. He even commented that historic theatres in Atlanta are a particular passion outside of work.

We asked a few specifics:

Favorite film(s) we’ve programmed?

That Evening Sun
Sound of Noise
Dear White People
Hustle N Flow
Glory at Sea
Attack of the Robots from Nebula-5

“...too many in between. Won’t You Be My Neighbor, Tully, and Maynard,” these last additions from the most recent ATLFF ‘18.

To emphasize how important film festivals are as it pertains to the experience of art forms and media that may not be widely accessible one of those titles can be seen on his list of favorite film overall:

It’s a four-way tie between Pan’s Labyrinth, That Evening Sun, The Dark Knight, and Ocean’s 11.
— Chris Escobar

Quality selections, sir.

Some other passions outside of the office include his family, filmmaking, the aforementioned historic theatres in Atlanta, Spanish history, and entrepreneurship.
Lightning Round

If you were a mythical creature, which would you be?

Professor Xavier

Build the sandwich of your dreams.
Ice cream sandwich: chocolate cookie layer outside, frozen vanilla custard with strawberry chunks with a layer of arequipe.

Build your Georgia All-Star trio.
Uh… sports? Or just any Georgians? If so, I’d say MLK, Jimmy Carter, and Big Boi.

Favorite movie snack
Plaza’s Popcorn

(Which is totally agreeable. One of our marketing coordinators sometimes stops by even when there isn’t a screening to pick up a bag of popcorn for the road. It’s amazing. Go try some.)

Pancakes or Waffles

Star Wars or Star Trek
Star Wars

Queso or Guac

Pepsi or Coke
Coke– how dare you?

When asked what else he wished to share with our followers he responded with (what we choose to believe to be a joke): “Whoever thought the previous question was even appropriate should be fired (although wouldn’t hurt to finally have [Coca-Cola] as a sponsor).”

Tried and true, Georgia through.

When he’s not devoting his countless hours to ATLFS and Plaza, Chris Escobar can be seen throughout town with his involvements with Georgia Production Partners (GPP), Rialto Advisory Board, and GSU College of the Arts Board of Advisors.

We’re proud, blessed, and honored to have him.