Make Sure it's Legal on July 18 at EDBI!

“I fought the law, and the law won!” Making a film can be a scary process, especially when it comes to the legal side. And there will come a point in every project where legal help is not only needed but required. But how do you find an entertainment attorney? What is the process to engage an attorney? What should you expect when you finally engage one? How do you best work with an attorney for the good of your project?

As a new or well seasoned filmmaker, getting in contact with the right attorney may be the most difficult part of the filmmaking process. Obtaining the rights to music, a book you would like to adapt, etc. makes filmmaking not so fun. 

Come join us at this month’s EDBI to get a chance to have some real talk with real attorneys and possibly avoid a trip to the courthouse.

Attorneys: Deborah Gonzalez, Forrest Clinard, Auric Steele, and Peter Duitsman

Sponsored By: Letterbox Legal

Please remember Manuel's Tavern generously provides our meeting space for free, so please grab a bite to eat, something to drink, and tip the fantastic server working the event!