Another Step Up—Cameron McAllister named Associate Director of ATLFS

The Atlanta Film Society is pleased to highlight the continuous effort of our former Marketing Director. As a result of those efforts, we've created a title that reflects his ambition and productive capabilities. Cameron McAllister will take the title of Associate Director.

"He has had a title that has been a little bit outdated for the last few months because he has done so much more for this organization than marketing—being a right hand for me in aspects across the org. He has really gone above and beyond his job description making more things possible for us. I'm excited Cameron finally is able to get the recognition and the position he deserves, and even more excited for what's to come."
—Christopher Escobar, ATLFS Executive Director

Cameron McAllister began his ATLFS career in 2014 as Marketing Manager. But his involvement with the organization spans back to 2007 where he served as a part the screening committee and in the coming years, a juror. To say the least, his passion and dedication has been proven through the growth and development of the Atlanta Film Society. Having graduating from Kennesaw State University in 2010 with a degree in Geographic Information Sciences and a minor in Film, we're glad he "landed" here.