Eat, Drink & Do Stunts at July's EDBI

Ever wondered what it takes to be a stuntperson? How do choreographers come up with action movie tricks and heart-pumping fight scenes? Hear first hand how to get involved in the world of film combat and stunts at this month's Eat, Drink & B-Indie! Join us as in the Highland Inn Ballroom Lounge from 7:30-9pm for an interactive look at epic stunts & blockbuster fights starring Atlanta locals including Ryan Monolopolus of On Camera Combatives. Then break down the process with the performers themselves before learning how shot angle, lighting and timing affect how the film rendering in live demos!

The first 40 attendees (21+) will receive a drink ticket for a free PBR. Food provided by Café Highlands upstairs.

As always, #EDBI is free and open to the public.