Read Testimonials from The PA Academy Last Weekend!

Last weekend, Georgia Production Partnership, in association with the Atlanta Film Society and Production Consultants & Equipment (PC&E), presented The PA Academy with Linda Burns. This two 12-hour-day workshop happens twice a year and nearly 100 students get trained in all aspects of on-set work.

Below, we've posted just a handful of student testimonials that have been sent to Linda Burns since last weekend. The PA Academy will return in Spring 2016. ATLFS members save 20% on registration, so become a member now through Kickstarter!

A million thanks to you for putting together the most amazing PA Workshop. You can't put a price on all the heart that was put into making this a most memorable and impactful experience. Thank you for sharing your time, knowledge, experience and Colleagues to get us ready for the set and see the realities of Film production. You set the bar high and I hope to make you proud in the future.

I want to say thank you for teaching all of us this passed weekend! You and all the guest speakers really helped me out about the industry and what to suspect on a set. Maybe soon I'll see you on a set or in one of your other classes! Thanks again!

I wanted to thank you for donating your time to the PA Academy this weekend. I heard about the PA Academy through my friend's mom, and she suggested I take the course before striking out on my own and I am glad I did. It was very informative and it really helped me narrow down what I want to do in the film industry. Before this weekend, all I knew is that I wanted to work in the industry in some capacity. Now, I know that I either want to do the AD route or art department. I know, two completely different things, but the theatre kid in my wants to give the art department a shot. I just love me some power tools. Makes me feel like Rosie the Riveter. I also learned I have to get better about networking. I have to say, all weekend the story that scared me the most was of the mousy girl who was a great PA, but she wasn't good at putting her name out there and she was forgotten. I mean I can write the crap out of a follow up email, but I'm not so good about going up to a stranger and asking them to hire me. I'll just have to find a way to do it that is organic and doesn't make me feel slimy. 

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciated everything you and the other guest speakers taught us. And thank you for keeping us updated on opportunities!

I just wanted to thank you for the class. I have always wanted to be involved with the entertainment industry, but never found the opportunity since I was in school and working full time. Since I still work full time as a preschool teacher, it's going to be difficult to take more steps toward being a PA, but I'm going to find a way. Hearing you and your guests speak really opened my eyes into a world that I honestly had no clue about. I can't begin to talk about Ronnie.  Hearing the two of you speak made my jaw drop! Not only was I impressed with what she had to say, but hearing it from another woman meant a lot. I have never thought about being anyone's bitch before until this weekend! I want business cards that say Lindsay A. - Your Bitch! :0) I know that women still have a ways to go in this man run world and industry, but having people like you, Ronnie, Molly, Victoria, and Shawn reminded me that we are not to be messed with! On top of that, I really enjoyed listening to Shawn and Duce. I went to the BronzeLens festival a couple of weeks ago and honestly didn't know how many people of color were involved in the industry. As a woman of color, it was just inspirational.

Much thanks for the very informative weekend. The Atlanta Film Society is extremely lucky that you are willing to teach this program. I will be sure to recommend the training a hundred times over.

Thank you so much for your time and expertise this weekend. The PA Academy was very informative and I had an awesome experience. I was pushed out of my comfort zone and I realized that being a PA is for me. I hope that you understand that what you do changes lives and I'm thankful to be a part of that change. The workshop left me feeling empowered and confident in pursuing my dream of working in the industry. It was challenging and worth it!  It was a pleasure learning from you.

Thanks for a great PA Academy! I learned a metric shit ton of stuff this weekend. The thing that struck me the most was how generous you are with your time: the D Girls, serving on the Board of Atlanta Film Society, the various classes you offer, mentoring folks, meeting with crews having a hard time, posting on the Plexus Pictures facebook page, all of it. How do you have the time?? I'm grateful to be one of your many beneficiaries in the industry.