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Video Editing in Premiere Pro Crash Course (Online Course)

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Video Editing in Premiere Pro Online Crash Course

DATES: September 3rd – September 30th
EARLY REGISTRATION: $250 Standard | $200 ATLFS Member – Now until August 18th
STANDARD REGISTRATION: $350 Standard | $280 ATLFS Member – August 19th to September 15th

Video Editing in Premiere Pro is a deep dive into the skills needed for a successful career as an editor for films and video using Premiere Pro. This online workshop is offered by Georgia Media Workshops, and will provide 16 sessions of project-based learning to get you up to speed on all aspects of Premiere. Students will start with the basics, and move into effects, motion and titles. Once a week, the class will convene a 2-hour live stream with the instructor to ask questions, go over homework assignments and view other work. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn from a university film professor, offered at unheard of prices through the Atlanta Film Society. Join us!

Taught by GMW's Allison Hogue, Assistant Professor of Film and Digital Media at North Georgia University.

*Installation of Adobe Premiere Pro prior to the beginning of the course is strongly encouraged

There will be four sessions offered each week for four weeks

Each session will be approx. 30 minutes, with project work assigned along the way.

Live, onscreen Q&A session with the students each week.

  • Week 1 will be understanding the fundamentals, before we get into editing in Premiere

  • Week 2 will be learning basic editing

  • Week 3 will be effects and color,

  • Week 4 will be basic sound and titles.


Here’s the 16-session breakout:

Session 1

  • What is Non-Linear Editing?

  • Organizing Your Media and Scratch Disks

  • Opening & Exploring Premiere

  • Default and Custom Workspaces

Session 2

  • Understanding Project & Sequence Settings (Codecs)

  • Starting & Setting Up a Project

  • Importing Media (Standard)

Session 3

  • Understanding the Media Browser (with Media Volumes like RED footage)

  • Importing Media (with Proxies)

  • Understanding Dynamic Link

Session 4

  • Reviewing & Marking Footage

  • Using Label Colors & Metadata

  • Creating Subclips

Session 5

  • In & Out Points

  • Creating Stringout Sequences (with Drag & Drop)

  • Deleting footage and filler

  • Sequence Tools (Snap, Linked Selection, etc.)

Session 6

  • Three Point Editing (Using Insert, Overwrite, Lift, Extract)

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Track patching

  • Sync Locks & Track Locks

Session 7

  • Trimming & Finessing the Sequence (Ripple, Slip, etc. tools)

  • Types of Cuts (Match Action, L/J cuts, etc.)

  • Utilizing multiple tracks

  • Replacing footage

Session 8

  • How to properly create multiple cuts

  • Nesting sequences

  • Craft Session: Walter Murch's Rule of 6 and How to create a good edit

Session 9

  • Basic audio & video transitions

  • A/B mode to fine tune

Session 10

  • Putting clips in motion

  • Keyframes & interpolation

  • Basic Video Effects

Session 11

  • Understanding Color Correction

  • Understanding Scopes

  • Adding Looks

Session 12

  • Using scopes and Lumetri tool for color correction

Session 13

  • How to organize audio tracks

  • Understanding audio levels

  • Adjusting levels

Session 14

  • Adjusting background noise

  • Mixing with keyframes

Session 15

  • Creating basic titles

  • Creating rolling credits

Session 16

  • Understanding export options

  • How to export

  • Utilizing Media Encoder

Need based scholarships are available upon approval. If approved, scholarship amounts can cover up to 50% of registration costs.