New Positions Available at ATLFS


This year the Atlanta Film Society is growing more than ever before. In addition to 5 new board members, ATLFS has brought on two more additional staff members and is looking to hire 3 more members to our team! Our small but dedicated staff made up of individuals who love to serve the Atlanta film community. Through this expansion we are looking for self motivated people who are passionate about the Atlanta film community. Currently we are looking to hire in 3 departments: Programming, Community Relations, and Business. 

Each year the Programming Department is tasked with reviewing, rating, and organizing the approximately 8,400 films and screenplays submitted for consideration for the Atlanta Film Festival. This time a new role of Program Coordinator is being added to the team. The Programming Coordinator is responsible for supporting this endeavor by overseeing administrative tasks tied to the maintenance and management of submissions received.

Our Community Relations Department is crucial in communicating our mission and message globally. A vital role of communications includes our visuals and branding. ATLFS is searching for a Graphic Designer to join this team of innovative thinkers. As the Designer you will work directly with the Community Relations Director to create and manage visual branding & assets for the Atlanta Film Society & Atlanta Film Festival that supports our message across all channels (print, web, video, etc….). 

The business of film is an important subject to understand in today’s society. As a non-profit ATLFS is always looking to grants and business opportunities to help our local film community. Our business department is adding an additional role of Development Coordinator. The Development Coordinator will work directly with the Business Director and the Executive Director to support, organize and execute fundraising efforts.

ATLFS is looking to fill these positions shortly. We look forward to your applications and welcoming the next round of ATLFS team members!