Atlanta Film Society Announces 2019 Page to Stage Finalists

Page to Stage FinalistAnnounced.jpg

Page to Stage is a premier competition and live screenplay reading geared toward promoting and lifting up Georgia screenwriters. The Atlanta film industry has seen major strides in production and post-production, but Georgians still lack enough established avenues to tell their own stories. In an effort to promote Georgia voices, the Atlanta Film Society is partnering with local industry members to put on an evening dedicated to developing Georgia writers. Atlanta Film Society is proud to announce the 2019 Page to Stage Finalists!

DOUBLE DADS (30 minute pilot)
Written by Jessica Burnett
The misadventures of an unconventional family.

(One hour pilot)
Written by Chuck Morris
When a high-profile arrest threatens to destroy a powerful college football team, an idealistic intern fights to preserve the program's legacy.

Written by Leanna Adams, Julie O'Hora
After a brother-sister pair of trailer park Robin Hoods accidentally kill a Nazi in a routine convenience store heist, they're forced to run from the cops, the media, and the dead guy’s family, all the while dealing with a stowaway kid.

MURPH (Feature film)
Written by Leanna Adams
An irreverent reporter gets too close to a source of Atlanta's opioid epidemic and encounters the suspicious death of a doctor, but when she tracks down the killers using one ridiculous disguise after another; she must outsmart drug dealers and dirty cops, before losing her life, or worse, the scoop.

POSSUM KINGDOM (Feature film)
Written by Matthew Pope, Don Thompson
Eight years ago, Boone Williams left his tiny hometown of Possum Kingdom under cover of night to join the army, leaving in his wake a reputation for trouble and the only family he ever had: his sister Hannah. When he reluctantly returns for his mother's funeral, his plans of quickly passing through are upturned by reverberations of sins he thought he'd left behind.