Page to Stage Rules and Terms

Before submitting, please read through all the rules and terms below. By submitting your project, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to all of the following. All projects that have been submitted by our final deadline and that adhere to the following terms will be considered for inclusion in the 2018-2019 Page to Stage Season.

If you have any further questions, please visit our FAQ page here.


  1. The Page to Stage Program is open ONLY to writers currently living in Georgia who have not earned an aggregate of $50,000 through professional screenwriting.

  2. Submitted screenplays should not have been optioned, purchased, or otherwise produced at the time of submission. If your screenplay is optioned or purchased during the duration of the competition, please contact us immediately.

  3. Writers can submit as many screenplays as they’d like to the competition. Each submission requires an application, payment, and original screenplay.

  4. We happily accept screenplays with more than one author or contributor. Please make note of each author’s name in your submission. Should a screenplay with two or more writers be named a winner of the competition, the award will be divided equally among them.

  5. Screenplays should be formatted according to current industry standards.  Pages must be numbered and typed in 12 point Courier font with standard margins. All entries must be submitted in English. Brief dialogue in another language is acceptable so long as an English translation is provided.

  6. We do not have a rule regarding title pages. But it is recommended that include the title, author(s) and any relevant registration or copyright information.

  7. Submitters must include their address in the Director Statement section of FilmFreeway Submissions in order to verify their Georgia Residence.

  8. Screenplays should be submitted only as a PDF. We WILL NOT accept Word .docs, Final Draft, Celtrix or any other file formats.

  9. Screenplays MUST be submitted to the correct category. Any screenplay submitted to the wrong category (based on both genre and page count) is subject to disqualification with refund of submission fees


10. The deadlines are as follows:

Regular Deadline: July 26th, 2018
Feature Screenplay - $15
One Hour OR 30 Minute Pilot Screenplay - $10

Final Deadline: August 16th, 2018
Feature Screenplay - $15
One Hour OR 30 Minute Pilot Screenplay - $10

11. Submissions without payment will not be considered. If the submitter fails to pay the submission fee associated with their deadline by 11:59 EDT, their submission fee will be increased to coincide with the new deadline. Any unpaid or partially paid submission at the time of submissions closing will be disqualified. Unsolicited screenplays sent by email or mail will not be considered.


12. All screenplays are considered complete once the Page to Stage Programming Office receives them. No revisions or updated copies will be accepted. Please be sure to carefully review and edit your screenplay before submitting. Any updates to screenplays on FilmFreeway will not be reviewed.

13.Once a project is listed “In Consideration” on FilmFreeway, we are unable to offer refunds for any reason, including (but not limited to):

  1. Submission to the wrong category

  2. Duplicate submissions

  3. Failure to pay the full submission fee by the final deadline

  4. Failure to provide a PDF

  5. Project’s failure to comply with submission Rules & Terms

  6. Rejection from the program

  7. Change in Option or Production Status

  8. Withdrawing your submission for any reason (including changes of heart)


14. Feature Screenplays must be between 40-120 pages in length. Anything outside of that page range will not be considered for the program. We accept feature screenplays of any genre.

15. One Hour Pilots must be between 45-70 pages in length. Anything outside of that page range will not be considered for the program. We do not accept additional pilot materials such as series bibles, additional episodes, plot outlines. We accept pilot screenplays of any genre.

16. 30 Minute Pilots must be between 28-35 pages in length. Anything outside of that page range will not be considered for the program. We do not accept additional pilot materials such as series bibles, additional episodes, plot outlines. We accept pilot screenplays of any genre.

17. Prizes

1. 1 feature OR 1-2 pilots will be chosen each of season. The winning screenplay(s) will be cast using local GA talent and staged in a “live read” for an audience at the Plaza Theatre.

2. The staging process will offer the winning writer(s) a chance to hear their words performed aloud by professional actors, offer in-depth and in-person feedback to the writer, and a chance to promote the work directly to the Atlanta production community.

3. The winning writer will receive detailed feedback on their project from:

  1. The director of their staged reading

  2. The actors cast in their staged reading

  3. The audience at their staged reading

  4. Select film industry guests invited to attend the reading

  5. This process will help them refine their work and take it to the next level.

  6. The winning writer will also be able to network and interact with industry members involved in the Page to Stage production and attending the staged reading, offering them a once in a lifetime chance to expand their connections and take steps down the road to bringing their screenplay to life.

  7. **There is no cash prize. Estimated value of Goods/Services: 2,000 U.S. Dollar


18. Feature screenplays and television screenplays must be the original work of the writer(s). If the screenplay is based on another person’s life, writer(s) must also attach a signed statement acknowledging and approving of adaptation. A screenplay containing copyrighted ideas, characters, or storylines without the proper paperwork will be disqualified. The only exception to this rule are materials within the Public Domain.

19. By submitting to the Page to Stage Program you are affirming the following:

  1. That the screenplay being entered is the sole work of the writer or writers who in totality contributed 100% of the contents of the screenplay.

  2. That for works written by more than one writer, all writers have agreed to submit the work for consideration.

  3. That for works written by more than one writer, any collaborators no longer involved and not claiming copyright privileges over the material have relinquished their claim to copyright in writing, or electronically, proof of which can be provided.

  4. That the screenwriter(s) has permission to use any work included in the screenplay that they have not written themselves.

20. The authors of each submitted screenplay retains complete ownership and copyright for their work. However, Page to Stage reserves the right to share or distribute a finalist or winning screenplay for the purposes for casting and table read organization.

21. Page to Stage reserves the right to disqualify any screenplay at any time, even after winners have been chosen, at our discretion.

If you have any questions, first check out our FAQ. If you still need more information, please feel free to e-mail