Atlanta Film Society presents
InvestMENT Lab

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Designed to bring together three crucial constituencies, the Atlanta Film Society’s Investment Lab is an experiment in collaborative practical education. Participants will receive specialized instruction from experienced professionals active in all areas of the motion picture and television industries, engaging with one another to develop pitches, business plans, and the kinds of supporting research and strategic thinking essential to attracting and rewarding investment.


The media and entertainment industries today are more dynamic, diverse, and profitable than they have ever been, with the kind of innovation, growth and technological disruption that hasn’t been seen since the emergence of commercial radio a century ago. Closer to home, the last decade has seen a dramatic growth in film and television production in the state of Georgia.

The Atlanta Film Society has crafted a new initiative aimed at expanding the region’s development, acquisition, financing and marketing promotion sectors. Through the Investment Lab, we seek to create opportunities for local writers, producers and filmmakers to see their work come to full flower right here. Our goal is to leverage the vast reservoir of talent, energy, and expertise now available to foster projects that can effectively raise money, efficiently spend money, and—crucially—make money in an increasingly competitive and global media marketplace.

FOR WORKING CREATIVES - the Lab provides insights and information vital to presenting and packaging content in ways that investors, distributors and consumers respond to.

FOR POTENTIAL INVESTORS - the Lab offers a high-impact crash course in the practices, potential and risks presented by the film and television business and the opportunities being created by the favorable conditions that currently exist in Georgia.

FOR BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS - the Lab delivers a detailed anatomy of the entire process of motion picture and television entertainment, from conception and acquisition to promotion and advertising, and provides a map the extensive opportunities that exist in these thriving industry for people trained in management, finance, economics, marketing and accounting fields.

The Investment Lab is a hybrid, an experiment in media-making for an experimental moment in the business of making media. Part networking boot-camp, part content incubator, and part entertainment EMBA short-course; the Lab aims to create an environment in Atlanta in which new voices, new visions, and new opportunities can grow.


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